With Bike Paint the appeal is determined.
But in addition, the paint is also to protect the bike against corrosion.

There are two ways to provide a bicycle paint.
1. Wet coating
2. Powder Coating.

wet coating when the frame is pre-treated first. Made free of grease and provided with a primer coating, after which the final lacquer is sprayed on it.
In most cases the injected part is then dried in an oven.
With powder coating, the item under electric tension is placed, after which one is on applying a powder coating. Because the product is electrostatically, adheres the powder coating itself better to the material in question.

Subsequently, the component is placed in an oven at approximately 220 degrees so that the (polyurethane) powder coating melts and hardens.

With wet coating, components are shinier.
Powder coating is less damaging to the environment.

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