Maintenance pedal.

Maintenance pedal.

pedaalPedals that can not be removed must be replaced in its entirety when they have too much slack, heavy walking,
a tick is in or crooked.
Try not to bend crooked pedals.
By bending the pedal is weakened, resulting in an unacceptable risk of sudden rupture.
Therefore let the maintenance done by a specialist.

onderhoud pedaalWith demountable pedals worn parts can be replaced and the bearing cleaned, lubricated and adjusted.

For disassembling and reassembling the SPD pedals is usually special tools are needed. With this tool can dismantle the complete axle unit and mounted. After the disassembly of the axle unit the axle unit can be further disassembled. Once again this again requires a special tool.

onderhoud pedaalFor the other SPD pedals as SPD-R the removal and mounting of the shaft can be done with a flat spanner (pedal wrench).

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