Maintenance of the frame.

Maintenance of the frame.

onderhoud van het frameThe bicycle dealer does not normally perform maintenance on the frame. The frame contains no moving parts, eliminating the wear. By collisions, falls and vandalism, the frame can be bent.

A steel frame can sometimes be straightened again.
For aluminum, it is irresponsible to bend them straight.
The chance that they then tear is too large.
Frames of carbon composites can not bend. If these get overloaded they break.
In aluminum frames, and frames made of carbon composite, it is also not possible to change the installation width of the hub.
It makes sense to expensive bikes with frames that have been involved in a crash, check for the presence of cracks in the paint and the frame material.
A frame that its crackings may break at that spot in the long run and can be replaced.
A frame that is severely deformed can be better replaced then straightened. Due to the deformations the strength of the material changes significantly. Also, the connection is no longer reliable.
This is especially true for pipes which are connected to lugs.

onderhoud van het frameWhen a bike is brought for repair or maintenance to the bike shop, it makes sense to express your displeasure. Bad behavior may be caused by, among other things:

  • Not good oriented wheels.
  • Not readily mounted wheels.
  • A bent fork.
  • A poorly rotating head bearing.
  • A not properly directed frame.

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