Netherlands cycling country.

Netherlands cycling country.

Nederland fietslandThe bike is an indispensable part of our daily life and has great influence on the appearance of our country.
But is this unique culture future-proof? It gets busier in our cities and the number of bicycle trips, both in the city and in the region increases.
The Netherlands will have to take steps to continue to support the bike and to anticipate future developments. What role will play the bike in the future and how we focus our cities and regions for it in?
What place will e-bikes and cargo bikes take?
How can the existing spatial quality be maintained or strengthened? In short; What do we need in the Netherlands to stay ahead as cycling country?

Factsheet :

  • A Dutchman will cycle an average of 2.9 km per day.
  • 25% of bike rides going to and from work.
  • In 2014, there were already 1.4 million electric bikes.
  • The total length of bicycle paths amounts 35 000 km in the Netherlands.
  • 240000 people do bicycle racing in the Netherlands.
  • The average amount for the purchase of a new bicycle has fallen in recent years, but the number of newly purchased bikes is rising.
  • Netherlands had about 2655 bicycle shops in 2015. That’s 16 stores per 100,000 inhabitants.
  • The Netherlands is increasingly importing bicycles, the export of bicycles in recent years, remains the same.
  • 98% of export bikes go to Europe.
  • 40% of imported bicycles come from Asia.

Thousands of kilometers of trails and roads, 30,000 km of cycle paths, unlock the Dutch nature for cyclists. A unique nationwide route network has been rolled out. The public can fully discover and experience the varied landscape; with the National Cycle routes (LF-routes) for long-distance trips and routes connecting hub for day trips. Thousands overnight accommodations, restaurants and cafes as well as museums and attractions provide plenty of variety. Netherlands cycling country. Touring by bike in the Netherlands means actively enjoy nature. We do it en masse: last year were made 200 million bike rides for fun in our own country, which been spent for € 450 million.

So far nothing new. All very normal. It is almost self-evident that we find Netherlands cycling country. Where other less-known bike cycling countries embrace their tourism marketing and spend extra investment, threatens Netherlands fragmentation. Fragmentation of supply with an imminent decline in quality. Also fragmentation in education and promotion. Any region or province calls himself the bike region or province. It’s fine to keep each other sharp therewith. But at the same time see little people that we can get value from the fact that we have put together a unique cycling country. We ignore thereby promotion, for domestic but also for inbound tourism.
Our neighbors, Germans and Belgians have massively discovered cycling.

An art impression of a daily afternoon on the bike.

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