New bicycle ? Please note on a number of things.

nieuwe fietsThe pleasure of a new bicycle.
With a view on to the color, the chrome, the extensions and innovations one has to get used to the new vehicle and also on a number of things that are important to pay attention to the first bicycle trip.

What’s different about the new bicycle?

Important is the sitting position. Is the saddle properly adjusted and you may well send it hold?
Moreover, the position of the brakes, the bell and the acceleration are placed differently.

The first rides.

It is quite important trust yourself with your new bicycle, before you go in city traffic.
Especially if you are switching from a regular bike into an electric bike, it is wise to read the manual.
Details such as the operation of the onboard computer is often not a science, but it is useful to know before you go on the street.
The first few rides you can do best with a lower power assist to get used to this new type of cycling.
Moreover, it is better for the battery to to drive the battery with a lower power assist empty for the first time before it reaches its full capacity.

Moreover, there are parts of the bike that only get their full function after you start using it only slowly.
Think of disc and rim brakes. These must first dig-in before they have their full braking power.

Safety and Comfort will mature slowly

The same is true for tires. Brand new tires still have residues from the production of the tread, which can reduce the grip in the first kilometers.
In the beginning you can must be cautious with corners.
Even if you switch to another type of tire, broadened or narrowed, you will have to get used to the bike changed behavior.
There is much difference in balance, rolling resistance, traction and comfort.
The correct air pressure depends on the driver, the intended use of the bicycle and possible preferences of the rider.
Therefore a pump with pressure gauge is not a luxury for inflating the tires.

And the ride !?

But there are two or three things that you should look at.
Make a note of the frame number of your bike. Take some pictures of your new bike. And important check the lock and remember where you stored any spare keys.
Moreover, it is wise to protect the bike with a good wax from the weather so you’ll have a long time.

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