New cycle route in the Noordoostpolder.

fietsroute-emmeloord-wellerwaard-kuinrebos-emmeloordThe Fietssite has again placed a new cycle route on the site.
Another route in Flevoland.

A very nice route through the Noordoostpolder.
The northern part of Flevoland.
The bike trail goes from Emmeloord, central in the polder, over the flat land of this polder.
Also known as the granary of the Netherlands.
Beautiful fields full of potatoes, sugar beets, carrots and more.


The Wellerwaard a nature and recreation area on the edge of Emmeloord, the first change during this cycle route.
Wellerwaard is the youngest recreational and nature reserve in the Noordoostpolder. It is large, spacious and it is there for anyone who wants to enjoy nature, who loves swimming, wants to play on the beach, like walking or wants fresh air.


Afterwards you cycle to and from the Kuinderbos. Forest on salty seabed.
The largest and oldest forest of the noordoostpolder, teeming with rare plants, mushrooms, butterflies, birds of prey and predators like the pine marten. Around the Kuinder Plas ensure Welsh ponies and Icelandic horses that remain open clearings in the forest. The Kuinderbos not deny his origins. Because the forest was planted on the bottom of the salty Zuiderzee, you still find shells remains among the trees.

From Kuinderbos the route goes back over the open landscape of the Noordoostpolder, along the village Bant, back to Emmeloord.

The route is 30 km long, but given the open landscape of the Noordoostpolder, you must take into consideration the wind.

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