fietstassenGood panniers are very practical for someone who wants to go on vacation with a complete camping equipment on the bike.
Additionally panniers are convenient to carry small amounts of luggage.

For the transport of luggage on the bike are the following panniers on the market:

  • Loose behind bags that hung on the side of the carrier.
  • Rear Bags with top and side pockets hung on the carrier.
  • Loose front bags that are hung on the side of the front carrier.
  • Handlebar bags.
  • Saddle Bags.



Panniers, can be attached to the bicycle with loose straps.
Very user-friendly and secure is this not. Much better are the modern snap connections.
The bicycle bag is hung on brackets on the luggage rack and then clicked on the luggage rack.
With this simple movement the panniers are clicked on and off very easy .
With saddle and handlebar bags it is sometimes necessary to mount a special bracket, where the bag is snapped on.
With front and back bags you must be ensured that it is possible to click them on the tubes of the carrier.
Usually, the diameter of the tube where the bags can be clicked on have a maximum value.

Panniers are mainly used by people who go on holiday with the bike.
With a few loose rear bags, some free front bags and a handlebar bag there is enough space to take a complete camping equipment.
The single rear bags are much more practical than the old bag with top and side bags.

The individual bags are easier to hang on the bike, and easier to pack.
Loose rear bags usually have three compartments: one large compartment for luggage which not need to be reachable during the trip and two small pockets on the sides and rear.
Figure 47 shows a typical attachment of the rear bag.

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Front bags must be suspended as low as possible for the stability and the center of gravity should lie in the pivot point of the steering head.
As front bags are confirmed to an ordinary front carrier they are too high and too much for the pivot point of the steering head.
fietstassenFor a stable steering behavior, front bags must: – be attached to a lowrider luggage carrier – contain no more than 30 to 40% of the baggage weight.

For the handlebar bag, it is inevitable that it is high-hanging, and before the pivot point of the steering head bearing.
Handlebar bags are designed for hand luggage such as a map, rain jacket, money and food so that it is easily accessible.
The heavy luggage should not be placed in a handlebar bag. Handlebar bags are equipped with a map holder and usually with a shoulder strap to carry the bag easily.
fietstassenWhen the handlebar bag is combined with a racing handlebars, it is best that it’s mountedwith a bracket on the handlebar. The hands can then be placed on top of the steering wheel.

Saddlebags are mostly used by sporting cyclists to carry spare tools (Fig. 48).

Often, a backpack is used. Because a normal backpack is not comfortable while cycling, there are special “bike backpacks.”
Some embodiments have the ability to secure the helmet to the backpack.fietstassen

Panniers are made of canvas or nylon.
The quality is largely determined by the quality of the stitching.
With good panniers seams are triple stitched. Panniers are never completely watertight.
This is not due to the fabric, but at the seams.
It is almost impossible to get the seams waterproof.
fietstassenThe luggage must be packed in separate bags to make sure it stays dry.
There are also bags available where a rain cover is packed in.
In the case of rain, the rain cover is pulled over the bag, and the bag and contents will remain dry.

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