Parts of the bicycle.

Parts of the bicycle.

onderdelen van de fietsThe bike can be classified into the following groups of components:

  • Frame
  • The steering section
  • The wheels
  • The brakes
  • The drive unit
  • The saddle
  • accessories

The frame is the skeleton in which all the parts are attached to directly or indirectly. For simple bicycles the frame is made of ordinary steel tubes. High quality frames are of high quality steel alloys or aluminum alloys. In the top segment of the market are also titanium and carbon fibers used as a construction material. In addition to the material used frames differ mainly in size. The dimensions of the frame determines the application use of the bicycle and who fits the bike.

The steering section on the bike causes the bike to go around the corner, and that it is possible to stay upright. The handlebar-mounted varies greatly by type of bike. The steering is also very crucial to the riding position and thus the use application.

The wheels make the bike to roll. On most bicycles is mounted the wheel size 622 mm. Mountain bikes have smaller wheels of 559 mm. The tires largely determine the comfort and suspension of the bike. Mountain bikes have wide knobbly tires, racing bikes small high-pressure tires with little or no profile. In urban and tracking bikes is the tire width somewhere between the 622 mm and 559 mm.

The brakes ensure that the bicycle can be safely and quickly brought to a standstill. The simplest bicycles have only a coaster brake. Good quality bikes always have a hand-operated front and rear brake. On sport bikes for the road and terrain are mounted generally lightweight rim brakes. On city bikes are mounted generally hub brakes. Hub brakes are heavier but have better braking in the wet and require less maintenance.

The drive unit ensures that the leg-power is efficiently transmitted to the rear wheel, the driving wheel. For simple city bikes this is done by means of one gear combination. With luxurious city bikes through a 3-, 5- or 7-speed. On bicycles for sports and recreational use is generally mounted the derailleur gear. With three gears to 7 or 8 gears behind these bikes have as many as 21 or 24 gears.

Accessories are bike parts that are not primarily needed for cycling, but improve safety, comfort and possibilities of the bike. The main accessories are front and rear lighting, good rear and side reflectors and a bell. These components are required by law on the bike. Other accessories that are generally mounted: coat- and chain guards to protect the clothing, fenders against splashing rainwater, a rear luggage rack and a lock.

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