The pedals ensure that the vertically directed treading force of the leg is transmitted to the cranks. The pedal should provide adequate support and grip on the foot. The pedal must be able to run smoothly on its bearings, and are resistant to the forces that are being exerted on it.

The pedals can be divided into three types:

  • The standard pedal for city bikes .
  • The lightweight pedal for recreational / sports use possibly with toeclip (toe hook)
  • The clipless pedal for sports use.


A good pedal for daily use should evenly distribute the pressure on the pedal on the foot and ensure that all types of shoes have sufficient grip on the pedal. On city bicycles is generally mounted a pedal with a wide support surface of a rubber-like material with a high coefficient of friction. The wide support surface distributes the pressure and friction between the shoe sole and rubber allows for the grip.

On bikes for sporting / recreational use (hybrid, mountain bike, road bike simple) is generally mounted a lightweight pedal whose design is derived from the old-fashioned racing pedals with toe clips.
The pedal has no bearing surface but two raised metal edges. In combination with race shoes with hard soles, cleats and toeclip belt, these pedals are satisfactory. However, most people will cycle with their usual (sport) shoes and without toeclip belt.
In that case, the pedals function insufficient. giving the metal edges too little grip, they can cause painful pressure areas.
When you use shoes with soft soles, and does not use toe clips, the pedal can be better replaced with one with broad support surface of rubbery material.
Although this is less sporty, it will give less sore feet and a better grip.
The shoes will wear out less quickly.
At lightweight pedals cuts the sharp metal edges quickly in the soft soles of sneakers.


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