Radial spokes.

Radial spokes.

radiaal spakenThe simplest way of wheel spokes is radial (0x crossed).

This can be done in three ways.

  1. All outer spokes (all spoke heads inside)
  2. All inner spokes (all spoke heads outside)
  3. alternately.

The second method is, according to some, more beautiful.
The first method is best; the wheel is about 10% stiffer, because the spokes are further apart and the spoke head is better supported by the flange, allowing him to work less.

This is a weak point in radial wheels; not only break spokes, but also hub flanges!
These are heavily loaded with radial spokes.
However, a radial wheel is aerodynamic, super light and super stiff. N.B. Shimano does not guarantee the standard hubs with radial spokes!
With wheels of 20 inches or smaller, one chooses to radial spokes for inner spokes. Because there are quickly added stress on the spoke caused by bending in the nipple.

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