Rules for bicycle lighting and reflection

fietsverlichtingAs a cyclist you need in the dark and in poor visibility have a front light and rear light on. You may also use separate bulbs. In addition, the bike must have reflectors on the back, pedals and wheels or tires.

Rules for fixed bicycle lighting

Do you have regular bicycle lighting? Then the bicycle lamps must comply with the following rules:

  • white or yellow light in the front;
  • red light at the back;
  • the lights must shine straight ahead or straight back;
  • the lights may not flash.

Does your bike have two wheels in the front? Then you must have two white or yellow lights. Furthermore, the same rules apply as for a regular bike.

Rules for loose lights on a bike

If you use loose lights on the bike? Then different rules apply:

  • White or yellow light in front
  • red light on the back
  • The lights should shine straight ahead or straight back;
  • The lights must be clearly visible;
  • the lights are not flashing;
  • you may attach the loose lights on your clothes or your bag;
  • You may only attach the lights on the upper body. You may not attach lights on your head, arms or legs.

Rules for reflection on a bike

A bike on two wheels shall have the following reflection:

  • a red reflector on the back of the bicycle. This should not be a triangle;
  • yellow reflectors on the pedals;
  • white or yellow reflectors on the wheels (rims) or tires.

Does your bike have two rear wheels? Then you should have an extra white reflector at the front. Furthermore, the same rules apply as for a regular bike.

Fines for driving without lights and reflection

You can be fined if:

  • your front or rear light is not turned on when riding in the dark, dusk or in bad weather / visibility ?;
  • you bike without reflectors on the back, pedals and wheels (rims) or tires of your bicycle;
  • The bicycle light has a different color, flashing or if you have confirmed it in the wrong place.

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