Speedpedelec difficult to put into legal rules.

speedpedelecSpeedpedelec in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands last year was 1.2 percent of the sold electric bicycles a speed pedelec. In Germany, this was 2 percent. In total were sold in Germany 11000 speedpedelecs in 2015, as many as there were sold electric cars . But in Germany they are struggling with the question of how speedpedelec to fit into the legislation.

In the Netherlands, the speedpedelec – rapid 45 km / h bike – are labeled by law in 2017 as a moped. Now the bike is still seen as a light moped. Basically this means that the speedpedelec should move at least in urban areas to the roadway. And the rider must wear a helmet and that an insurance plate must be vissible on the back.

For the exact content of the legislation on the speedpedelec, one looks at the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment at the way Germany uses rules around fast bike. In Germany speedpedelec is graded as “Leichtkrafträder” and that has a lot of consequences.

So should speedpedelecs in Germany are equipped with a rearview mirror. And the insurance plate must be illuminated at night. A speedpedelec must be equipped with a kickstand that folds starting off, just like a motorcycle.

The owner may hardly tinker himself on a speedpedelec. Because the vehicle has a type approval for the road and must then comply with all requirements. This applies, for example, the tire sizes (with a profile of at least 1 mm is required). And you may also not just set up another saddle or handlebars.

Installing a larger sprocket is not allowed (a smaller though). A seat at the back is out of the question. And for a trailer you should probably go through the approval again.
Furthermore speedpedelecs must be equipped with a brake light, and have permanent lighting in the front during the day.

Also, riders of speedpedelecs should in Germany know that they no longer may drive one-way streets in the opposite direction, even if a sign tells that it is allowed for cyclists. The same applies to rural roads where a prohibition applies to cars, though sometimes with a special “E-Bikes-frei” sign is bypassed.

To make the rules for speedpedelec less stringent than for the moped, The goverment in Belgium will probably add an extra ‘moped class’ in the law, The Class S-pedelec. This is done in order to make it possible that the speedpedelec is allowed on the ordinary roads where the moped is not allowed. In Belgium we speak about driving, for example, on hunting trails, roads for agricultural vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians and bicycle highways.

About the way the speed pedelec in the Netherlands will be anchored precisely in the law is not much known.

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