Sprocket for single drive.

Sprocket for single drive.

Kettingwiel voor enkelvoudige aandrijvingThe sprocket for single drive ensures that the pulling force of the chain is transferred to the rear wheel. The single sprocket is connected to the drive head of the coaster brake or hub. On bikes with derailleur gears multi chain wheels are pushed onto a freewheel, or form the chainrings one piece with the freewheel mechanism.

The sprocket for single drive is fixed on the drivehead with three tooth falling in orbits on the driver. The chain wheel is secured with a spring ring. The sprocket can be removed simply by removing the spring ring. This confirmation is widely used in gear hubs and hubs with back-pedal brakes.

Sprockets for hubs with coaster brake and gear hubs are usually made of steel to increase strength.

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