The BSA bracket

The BSA bracket

Het BSA-bracketWith the BSA bracket (Figure 39) the bottom bracket is mounted with an adjustable cup / cone-bearing. The difference with the bearings in the steering head and the hubs is that the bearing does not have an adjustable cone, but an adjustable cup. The BSA bracket consists of the following removable parts: (Figure 40)

  • The fixed right cup.
  • The left adjusting cup
  • The locking ring to secure the left adjusting cup (actually a big nut).
  • Two ball bearing with bullets from ¼ “or 22 loose balls.
  • The bottom bracket with integrated cones. Because the running surfaces of the bearings are integrated in the shaft is the crank shaft fully hardened.
  • A fabric sleeve that is placed between the left and right cup to hold back dirt.
  • Seals between cup and cones.

Het BSA-bracketWhen servicing or maintenance, ensure that the bearing runs smoothly and without play. If it runs less smoothly, it is best to remove the chain from the chainring and to check if the crank is free to rotate around. Slack is best to check by prying the cranks. If it is less heavy or has slack, it must be cleaned, replace the defective parts, and adjust the bearing.

Removal and installation of the BSA bottom bracket is as follows:

  • Remove the cranks.
  • Turn the lock ring with a special hook wrench.
  • Turn the left adjusting cup loosely with special key; Catch of the bullets.
  • Clean all parts.
  • Check all parts for damage and wear. Also check the surfaces on the bottom bracket for the attachment of the cranks.
  • Remove the fixed right cup if it shows damage. Use the special tool. This tool prevents the wrench from shoting of the plane of the cups. Please note that the cup can have both left-hand and right-hand thread.
  • Purify necessary the threads of the bottom bracket.
  • Flat necessary the sides of the bottom bracket
  • Replace worn parts. Always replace the bullets. Preferably use loose balls instead of ball rings.
  • Tighten the right cup.
  • Place the balls with ball bearing grease at the right cup
  • Install a protective plastic sleeve. Coat the edges with grease so that water does not get a chance to walk along the sleeve in the bearing.
  • Slide the bottom bracket in the bracket pot. Most bottom brackets are not symmetrical. The crank is mounted with chain wheel on the side with the greatest distance between cone and shaft end. This is the right side.
  • Place the balls with ball bearing in the left cup set.
  • Turn the adjusting bracket cup in the pot and set the ball bearing.
  • Tighten the retaining ring with the hook spanner. Hold the adjusting cup with the special key. By turning the locking ring becomes the cup slightly pulled out. If this happens, the cup must be rotated slightly firmer and the locking ring is locked again. The crankshaft may have a very slight clearance. By incorporating the pedal forces the shaft bends. A very small amount of clearance ensures that the bearing never runs taut.
  • Check that the crankshaft is running smoothly and runs free. The easiest way to check this by fitting the right crank.

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