The chainring.

The chainring.

kettingbladThe chainring ensures that the rotary movement of the crankshaft is converted into a displacing movement of the chain. The chain drives, through the chain wheel to the hub.

The chainring with ordinary bicycles, has in most cases, 46 teeth. Shimano nexus group includes a chainring with only 33 teeth. This is primarily done because of the appearance. A bike with small chainring in combination with a small chain has a slimmer appearance than a bike with large chainring and big chain. The disadvantage of a small chainring is that the force in the chain is much larger and therefore the force on the chainring.

Even in bicycles with derailleur gears the chainring is taxed more heavily as the diameter decreases. Small chainrings are made of steel to properly withstand the heavy load. Large chainrings can be both steel and aluminum. The large aluminum chainrings have the advantage that they are lighter. They wear faster than steel chainrings.

kettingbladIn the past, there is experimented with oval chainrings (the best known is the biopace-chainring Shimano). This oval chainrings were put on the market with the idea of improving the pedaling.

The chainring can damage from falls, or if you want to jump with your bike over a tree stump. Also will wear a chainring at normal use. A dirty and greasy chain will wear the chainring faster. The greasy chain attracts dirt and acts like sandpaper on the chainring. Check the chainring on the following points:

  • Wear of the teeth.
    If the teeth are too worn, the chain can shoot over the teeth. Wear on the chainring is usually visible. The teeth are sharp and have burrs.
  • Confirmation of the blade bolts .
    They may come and go cracking when a new blade is mounted. So always tighten after a few days.
  • Burrs on the teeth.
    These can be filed away. If there is only one damaged tooth, it is no problem if this tooth on the sprocket will barely functioning.

kettinbladWhen fitting a new chainring (Figure 50 t / m 52) must be paid to the following points:

  • The number of spider arms .
    There are spider arms with 4 or 5 arms.
  • The number of teeth.
    In combination with the chain wheel this determines the transmission ratio.
  • The width of the chainring.
    This has to match the width of the chain. Chains for bicycles without gears having an internal width of 1/8 “. Chain for derailleur gears have an inside width of 3/32. Chainrings for bikes without gears and derailleur gears are not interchangeable by reason of the difference in width of the chain.
  • The diameter of the bolt circle.
    This should match the diameter of the bolt circle on the right crank.
  • Chainrings for switching indexed.
    This may have special cutouts for easier upshift and downshift. Besides, the external width derailleur chains. The various systems enable indexed can not simply be combined. Manufacturers add their directories to which combinations are and are not possible.

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