The dimensions of the spoke

The dimensions of the spoke.

For a correct choice of the spoke, the following dimensions of the spoke are of importance:

  • The length of the spoke
  • The fit of the head in the hub flange
  • The diameter and threads of the spoke

de maten van de spaakThe length of the spoke is measured from the head to the bottom of the screw thread.
The spoke length that is used is dependent on the rim diameter at the place where the stabbing nipples in the rim, the flange height of the hub, the spoke pattern, and the degree to which the wheel “umbrella” is spoked. The ideal length of the spoke is such that the wire end is located below the top of the spoke nipple. If the wire is too short, it will be confirmed with too few threads. the spoke sticking out, the wire can puncture the inner tube leak. Spokes which must be ground off stabbing from the nipple. For the determination of the spoke length there are tables available. Manufacturers of rims give in their technical specifications which spoke length belongs to which spoke pattern. The length of the spoke can be measured in a simple manner with a spoke meter.
When a oncourante spoke length is required, the spokes can be custom made with a pinch roller device for spokes.

Wheel size  Spoke Length
28 x 1½ 308 mm new model hub 293 mm
300 mm new model hub 295 mm
28 x 1½ 308 mm new model hub 295 mm
295 mm new model hub  295 mm
28 x 1⅝ x 1⅜ 300 mm or 285 mm
293 mm
28 x 1⅜ x 1⅝ 300 mm or 285 mm
290 mm or 300 mm (over 4)
27 x 1¼ 305 mm
298 mm
27 x 1¼ 305 mm
295 mm of 305 mm (over 4)
26 x 1⅜ 285 mm new model hub 270 mm
280 mm new model hub 275 mm
285 mm new model hub 272 mm
275 mm new model hub 275 mm
or 285 mm (over4)
28 x 1⅝ x 1⅜ 298 mm
293 mm or 300 mm (over 4)
28 x 1⅝ x 1⅜ 303 mm
308 mm

de maten van de spaakIn addition, the length is also the tension between the spoke head and spoke hole of the hub of interest. The spoke head should fit tightly into the spoke hole. The greater the backlash/tolorance, the more blows are getting the head of the spoke and the sooner that will break. The diameter of the spoke hole should be about 0.2 to 0.3 mm greater than the diameter of the spoke head. The spoke is also tight against the hub flange. If the neck of the spoke is too long will lie loose the spoke and therefore eventually break. By mounting brass between rings can be ensured that the spoke tightly comes to rest against the hub flange. Brass between ring must be inserted between the spoke head and the flange. Thus, not between the flange and the spoke.
The wire diameter is identified by a number preceded by the words SWG. The most used wire diameters are SWG 13 having a diameter of 2.3 mm, SWG 14 having a diameter of 2.0 and SWG 15 having a diameter of 1.8 mm. When a butted spoke is carried out is first referred to the diameter at the screw thread, and then the diameter in the middle. A butted spoke SWG 14/15 has a thread diameter of 2.0 and a thickness in the middle of 1.8 mm. The thread used in the spoke is a very fine Whitworththread usually with 56 threads per inch.
de maten van de spaakThe fine wire is to accurately adjust the spoke tension. Manufacturers supply nipples and spokes as a set. Use when renewing the spoke nipples too new to make sure that always fitted the correct nipple.
Where nothing else is indicated thereon, applies cross over 3

Wheelsize  Spoke Length
 Front wheel 255 mm
achterwiel 252 mm
20 x 1.75 Front wheel 196 mm
achterwiel 184 mm
27x 1¼  front wheel with fixed axis 303 mm
rear wheel with fixed axis 300mm A2 308 or 305 for
SS3-speed (over 4)
rear wheel 3 speed 308 mm
 27 x 1¼  front wheel with Shimano hub base
303 mm
Rear wheel with Shimano hub
305 mm of 308 mm (over 4)
28 x 1⅝ x 1¼ Front wheel 298 mm
Rear wheel 5-sp. 305 mm or 303 mm (over 4)
Altus hub rim
Ø 622 mm
Front wheel spoke 14/305
Rear wheel spoke 14/303 and 14/298
Maillard hub rim
Ø 622 mm
Front wheel spoke 14/305
Rear wheel spoke 14/303 and 14/305
Maillard hub rim
Ø 622 mm
Front wheel spoke 14/308
Rear wheel 14/305 and 14/308
Miche hub champion rim Front wheel spoke 14/305
Rear wheel 14/305 and 14/302
Miche hub rim Ø 630 mm
Rear wheel 14/305 and 14/308
Front wheel 14/308
Shimano 105 and
NEW 600 EX hub
Rear wheel (over 4) 14/302 and 14/305
Rear wheel (over 3) 14/295 and 14/298
Front wheel (over 4) 14/305
Front wheel (over 3) 14/298

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