The hybrid bicycle.

The hybrid bicycle.

hybride fietsThe hybrid bike, tracking bike or randonneur, these bicycles are designed for all-round recreational and sports use.
The main feature is that the bike has 21 or 24 speeds, combined with cantilever brakes and smooth running parts.
This allows the bike to run lighter than the city bike and there is a much larger choice of gears.
Within the range of hybrids there are big differences.
hybride fietsIt is easiest to observe the following format: city hybrids, bare hybrids, randonneurs.
A hybrid with a narrow saddle, two bottle cages and racing handlebar is a typical randonneur. Zie afb. 6 .
A bare hybrid without accessories, with click-pedals and wide knobbly tires is a typical randonneur for sporting use on both the road and the terrain.Zie afb.7 .
The hybrid with straight sitting position, curved handlebars, wide saddle and complete final assembly of components is a typical city hybrid. Zie afb.9 .
hybride fiets

The main characteristics of a hybrid are:

  • Derailleur Gears
  • Wheel size 622. The bandwidth can vary between 25 and 44 mm, highly dependent on the use of bicycles
  • All types of control are mounted, both curved, straight, race, and multi-grip
  • The bikes run lighter than the city bike by making use of derailleurs in lieu of hub gear, and by making use of light-weight and light-going components.


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