The right bicycle pump for your bike.

fietspompFor every tire there is a bicycle pump to put him under pressure. But bicycle pump-which is the best, Because there are so many variations and as special models.

It’s only nice to bike with the correct tire pressure.Insufficient air pressure can damage the tires and affect driving safety.Moreover, it is of course much harder to drive with underinflated tires, and comfort is pretty down.But also hard tires may affect the bike, and even bring damage to the rim, spokes etc.

Therefore, a good bicycle pump is one of the first devices which are important for the maintenance of your bike.Bicycle tires losses in the course of time, some air, and so will therefore now and then must be inflated.

A standard bicycle pump has a height of 60 cm, must have a stable base and optionally, a pressure meter.
Especially with sport bikes tire pressure is important, and even accurately filled at a tenth bar in the sport.
It is important, of course, also a long hose with a good clamping head which fits several valves.

fietspompThe standard bicycle pump is ideal for at home, and possibly to take by car.
But of course difficult to carry on the bike as one goes touring or sports.
Therefore, there are also more compact variations for in a backpack or bag to carry.
Such travel status pump is equipped with a foldable foot, so they are very safe and just like the large version, providing the ability to put a lot of force and pressure to build.

Narrow tires, narrow bicycle pumps.

To understand why there are so many different bicycle pumps on the market, one should actually first know the physics behind the pump.Pressure = pressure force per unit area. At least the simplified term.And this has a direct impact on the design of the pump.Because the larger the surface of the piston of the pump cylinder can force air into the tire, the greater is the force needed to press in the pump.

fietspompBicycle pumps that are designed to provide a large volume of air in a tire, therefore have a larger diameter than a bicycle pump which must be able to put high pressure in a band. Otherwise there would be too much force needed to inflate a tire.Thats why there are especially many mini pumps on the market.

The classic mini-pump is mainly for the two most common valves on the market.Sophisticated models with multi-room pressure monitor systems allow high pressure with low-power.





Telescopic pumps combine a high pressure and a large volume.

The so-called telescope pumps often slide out in two phases.In the first use, in two steps, for a lot of volume, and when the manual force is too heavy a single step so that there is less air displaced but the pressure may be increased.The second step takes a bit longer, because there is less air displaced, but there is less force is needed to get the tire pressure.

A hose is handy.

A problem with a compact bicycle pump is that you put so much power on the pump when inflating a tire that it is difficult to keep the valve stable on the bicycle pump. And may even unnecessarily damaging the valve.
Especially for road cyclists, there is therefore a compact form pump on the market with a tube so that one can still pump with force air into the tire.

fietspompThere are also pumps for tubeless tires?

New tire concepts require new pumps – which became apparent when Tubeless became increasingly popular, especially for mountain bikers and cyclists.A tubeless tire is sealed by the fact that the air pressure of the tire positively pressed against the rim flanges.It works best when the tire is inflated in a battle with a large amount of air.A bicycle repairmen uses a compressor. Hobbyists can go to a gas station nearby or buy a bicycle pump especialy made for this type of tire type.

Little helpers for quick fixes.

There are situations where the inflation has to happen very quickly, and counts every seconds.
Think of athletes with a flat tire, which must have quick fixes to inflate a tire rapidly again.
For this there are co2 pumps that have a cartridge so that a tire can be quickly inflated.

The correct pressure in your tire.

Check when inflating your tire the maximum pressure of the tire and your rim.
Especially with carbon rims, the maximum pressure is very important, otherwise you can damage him.

Pumps for air suspensions.

Finally, there are also pumps on the market specifically for air springs.
These pumps work with a very small air chamber, and thus very high pressures.
And these are very precise to get the ideal suspension settings.

Is that all ?

To summarize: The tire pressure should not be too high and not too low, and the diversity in the bicycle market is overwhelming.
But most touring bikes and city bikes now come with a simple, but very functional pump that allows you to get very far with little use.

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