This is what you need if you want to cycle in the winter.

fietsen in de winter

Cycling in the winter can be just as delicious as in the summer.

In winter we are more inside, while fresh air often does very well.
And exersise helps you to keep fit and to keep you slim.
In short cycling in winter makes a man good.
Still, it’s wise to make some adjustments before you start winter cycling.
We give you some tips to also create safe cycling in the winter.

Check the bike.

Check your bike well, before you start driving.
Take the time to make sure everything works.
Nothing is more annoying than to stand in the freezing cold along the way, with a bike that is not working properly.
For example, check that the brakes work, and if the tires are properly inflated.
And does your bicycle light still work?
By checking everything before you go cycling you can cycle safe on the road.

Protective clothing.

fietsen in de winterTo begin with, it is important to wear the right clothes. Clothing that protects you from rain, wind and cold.
It’s annoying to have to abort a planned bike tour due to cold hands.
Fortunately, there are special bike gloves, so your fingers stay warm and you can just enjoy the beautiful scenery.
And it can be even better: special arm warmers that protect you from the wind, and make sure your arms remain warm.
A special coat, and you keep at the proper temperature during a winter bike ride.
These jackets are available in different colors.
There are even special bike shoes for sale to keep your feet warm.

Eating and drinking on the go.

Are you planning to take a long bike ride? Please check in advance if there are places for you to take a break.
Think of a cafe where you can order a delicious cup of hot chocolate.
No sense to plan this in advance? Please to be sure to take a thermos of tea with you.
So you stay warm during breaks and you still get some moisture inside.
So a bike ride can even be a lovely and cozy getaway in the winter!

The tires of your bicycle.

fietsen in de winterJust like with a car, it is safer to cycle with tires that are suitable for the winter.
These can be replaced easily for normal tires.
There are snow tires with extra embossing but also winter tires with spikes.
The studded tires provide added grip when it is very cold and the streets are slippery.
Bends are safer to take and you can brake safely without worrying to go down.
There are different types of winter tires with spikes in different places.
Where some snow tires work well at a natural landscape, another winter tire works better on the slippery road.
For every landscape there is a suitable winter tire.

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