Wheels and tires.

Wheels and tires

wielen en bandenAs invention for mankind is the wheel and tire very important. That’s not so strange. By making use of wheels heavy things can be transported very easily. Also with the bike we see this. Due to the bicycle wheel man can attain speeds that are many times higher with the same muscle forces than the walking speed.

The standard bicycle wheel consists of the following parts:

  • The outer and inner tube
  • The rim with rim tape
  • The spokes with nipples
  • The hub with hub shell, bearings and shaft.

In addition, the wheel can contain parts for the drive (hub, chain wheels, freewheel) and brakes (drum or disc) .

To wheels and tires , the following requirements may be imposed:

  • The bicycle wheel has to roll with minimal losses
  • The wheels and tires should be giving the unevenness of the road surface as little as possible.
  • The wheels and tires must withstand all kinds of forces acting on it, as forces from the road surface, the frame, the drive and the brake
  • The wheel must have enough grip with the road surface to draw on quickly, safely be able to turn corners and be able to brake hard without the wheel slipping
  • The wheel must have low maintenance.

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