Ingenieuze Invention – Bikelift Parkis

Bikelift Parkis.

parkisStarting in November this year, cycling enthusiasts will have the opportunity to park their bikes in an innovative way.
The project will be launched on Kickstarter – global crowdfunding platform for creative projects.
The economist Bronius Rauba and engineer Vygantas Radvila from Lithuania have created Parkis.
Parkis is a parking system that automatically raise your bike and has no equal in the world.
The mechanism has a totally innovative approach to parking your bike.
You save space and it require no more physical exertion to park your bike vertically because Parkis this from now does for you.

The number of cyclists in the world will enlarge very rapidly, because nowadays cycling is a trendy way to get around the city.
Cycling also means that there is more need for bicycle parking, but they no longer meet today’s modern needs.

“My family loves huge bike so that’s why I was looking for a parking space-saving method that on the one hand, and also convenient to use was for my family.”
It was a fruitless search because currently available methods often resembled each other: to park vertically a bike you should hang the bike on a hook, but it required a lot of physical effort.
This method I found not suitable for my family, and so the idea came from an automatic parking system in my head. ”

parkisThe elaboration.

B. Rauba worked out the idea further, and he had already built a prototype in the same year.
In 2015 joined the engineer V. Radvila the Parkis team. Quickly followed by an elaboration of plans and ideas, and in 2016 a full automatic bicycle parking was – Parkis – created.
The Parkis team is determined to change the bike world positive. They are convinced that parking a bike should be easy. “This invention is intended not only to save space.
They will also ensure that the storage of your bike fun, easy, and will be hip. Parkis provides a revolutionary way to vertically to park a bicycle. In the future it will no longer be necessary to stretch you physically to lift a bike because Parkis takes responsibility for everything. ”
The first parking systems will be presented at the Kickstarter platform.

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