Trenergy, E-bikes full of energy.

trenergyTrenergy is since 2011 on the Dutch market with electric bikes.

The collection has expanded for several years, and Trenergy supplies electric bicycles with a very complete equipment and high driving comfort.
The bikes are imported, with a high quality, Dutch character, and with components of famous brands such as Shimano, Bafang motor, Magura brakes and Samsung batteries.


Trenergy delivers its bikes only through dealers throughout the country.
That way they can guarantee the service, and you do not have to travel far for maintenance.
The dealers are knowledgeable and will deliver your bike 100% roadworthy and are also after the purchase for you with advice and service.

Because the choice of a new bike can be tricky. Especially with a bike with pedal assistance.
What type of e-bike is best for you depends on your personal preferences and your situation.
There is a wide range of electric bicycles where you can make a suitable choice. To make the right choice, you can put a few things straight.
Would you like a city bike or a trendy bike? An electric bicycle with front or mid-engine?
The control via mobile phone or a regular display?
A battery with 10, 13 or 16 Ah? Important to know the pros and cons of different options.
Through the dealers you get clear explanations so that you can make a choice.


There is plenty of choice at Trenergy. Both Ladies and Gentlemen models. And prices ranging from € 1199, –
With a choice of multiple batteries, operated from the steering wheel or using a smartphone, and a choice of front or mid-engine models.


A relatively new brand with dealers throughout the Netherlands, which have a nice assortment of bikes on the market.
With plenty of choices in styles and price categories, for young and old, and well worth the effort to move to a decent electric bicycle.

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