maandag 15 april 2024

Anwb roadsigns get facelift.

The nearly 1000 Anwb roadsigns in the province of Drenthe, get a makeover.

anwb paddenstoelenCyclists and hikers use next to the node system, a lot of the Anwb roadsigns that are shaped like a mushroom.
Therefore, many of these roadsigns need of a revamp.
The kick-off has already been given by the Provincial Executive Henk Brink and Director of Recreation Board Drenthe, Dick Dijkstra.
Together they cleaned the first roadsign.
The recreation area Drenthe has devised a large-scale maintenance to clean and recover the roadsigns in the province.

The province of Drenthe think this is very important.
An examination of the Anwb revealed in December 2016 that the recreational cyclist gives the province of Drenthe the highest rating when it comes to cycling and hiking area.

So the function of the Anwb roadsigns is, in addition to those of the node system, very important.
Especially for the roadsigns, which serve more than ten years, this maintenance is very necessary.
It is believed that all roadsigns are clean again before March 1st.
So all the recreationists can again grateful use the signs again in the new season.

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