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A bicycle from Bough Bikes you want to show.

Recently, an employee of defietssite saw a bike from Bough bikes at the Deltion College in Zwolle.
A bike that stands out through the use of wood as a material for the frame.
But also by the exquisite design and the simplicity of the bicycle.
The first thing that comes to mind is,how would it feel to ride this bike?

Environmentally friendly transportation a step up.

Anyone that is environmentally conscious, uses much faster a bicycle than another vehicle for transportation.
The bicycle is an ideal means of transport in terms of energy, sustainability and the environment.
It takes little resources and energy to create a bike.
In addition, a bicycle is long-lasting, low maintenance and takes little space.
There is no fuel (except in your own body) and emission of harmful gases.

Yet there are still many components in the production of the bike, which by itself nevertheless still use quite a bit of energy to create a bicycle.
Can this been done different? Is there a material that is better for the environment?
bough bikes

Bough bikes, environmentally friendly bikes.

Bough bikes was founded in 2012 by Piet Brandjes, and Jan Gunneweg. Together they make bikes that are sustainable.
Bikes made of steel or carbon costs much more energy than a bicycle frame made of wood.
And because wood is not only beautiful, but also flexible and powerful, it is a wonderful material for a design product such as a bicycle.
Moreover Bough Bikes wants to corporate social responsibility. The residual wood that remains after the production of a bicycle is recycled and used for heating the company. With also the use of solar panels they can remain energy neutral.
So the environment is damaged as little as possible during the production of bicycles.
The wood for the bikes from Bough bikes comes from the French Jura. There are trees planted in a responsible manner, and cut down with Natura 2000 Philosophy.

If you take good care of a Bough Bikes, then it can be used 20 to 30 years.
And for each tree that is used for the bicycles, a new tree is placed back.
And so if you take good care of the bike, then the next tree is already mature for the next cycle to be made.

The bike is already good for the environment, but a bough bikes is even a step up.

And how does a wooden Bough Bikes ride?

You would think that a wooden frame would be heavier than a bicycle made of steel. But this is only appearance. The bike looks robust, yet the base model weighs only 20 kg.
Wood absorbs a lot of energy, so bumps, ridges and uneven road surfaces are well absorbed by the frame.
Thanks to the SRAM Automatix (2 gears) it is fine to keep up the speed, and the Ryde Zac 26 or 28 inch wheels with Schwalbe tires keep good contact with the road.

The possibilities.

The original bicycle from Bough Bikes is the Bough City. With SRAM Automatix, front brake and coaster brake.
Then there are the models Bough Carrier, Bough Transporter, Bough Twin and the Bough Bolder. These models have one or more luggage carriers that are also separately for sale.
In addition, there is the E-Bough, since 2014. A bike with pedal assistance, that with and without pedal assistance cycle as good as a regular Bough.
bough bikes

And how do you maintenance the bike?

The oak frame is resistant to the weather. Because it is made of solid wood, it will always remain as strong despite rain or snow.
But wood changes color over the years, especially by the influence of the weather.
The bikes are equipped with a protective oil, and if you want to retain its original color, it is certainly wise to renew everey two or three times a year the bicycle with a new layer of protective oil.
When purchasing a bough Bikes you also get a bottle of oil for maintenance.
The other parts of the bikes are all manufactured from stainless steel which also are long lasting with minimal maintenance.
And wood is alive. If a regular bike somewhere falls over, it will soon damage the paint.
And a bicycle is often not beautiful with scratches and can rust.
But we think that a wooden frame is even better. Of course there will arise scratches after many years. But the good thing is that wood, at least we think so, gets more charm from that.

Bough Bikes for companies.

Are you as business environmentally conscious and want to show it, then the Bough Bikes bikes are an ideal product for employees or customers.
It is possible to provide logos, brand names or websites on the bike, making it, partly because the bike stand out in traffic, a good show where your company stands for.


With a bicycle from Bough Bikes you show that you are careful with the environment, yourself or your company.

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