CES 2017 with cool accessories for the bike.

CES 2017 in Las Vegas also brought many cool enhancements for the cyclist.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is already over, and the question is, what this event has shown in the area of the bike and rider.
Manufacturers from all over the world were in Las Vegas to represent their latest products or future products, to the public and business.

And thereby were also companies that focus on the bicycle and the cyclist.

Pioneer, Garmin, Polar, GoPro en Oakley.

ces 2017Pioneer Cycle Sports was with a view of its Expanded Sensor Network.
The system gathers rider data using an array of 26 sensors (strain gauges, accelerometers and gyro sensors) located in five key locations on the bicycle and the cyclist – the seatpost, helmet, handlebars, power meter and shoe.
Through these sensors, Pioneer has been able to show, and analyzing the weight distribution, the lateral movement during cycling, and the movement of the head.

Garmin announced a number of new products, including an updated Fenix 5 smart watch line that is sold to bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.
The company also announced the availability of third party apps through its Connect IQ app store. Under the new apps is Strava Suffer Score, which gives real-time information of how hard an athlete works.

ces 2017Polar showed her waterproof sports watch M600, which is controlled by the Android Wear smart watch system.
The watch is equipped with the Polar heart rate optical technology, 4GB flash memory, integrated GPS and 24/7 activity tracking.
By using the Android Wear OS, users can access more than 4,000 third-party apps on Google Play.
The M600 and M800 Polar’s watches may soon be used to control a number of GoPro cameras.
The M600 won a CES Innovation Award at the show.

Oakley Radar Pace smart glasses also won a CES Innovation Award. Radar Pace was already shown last summer and features interactive audible coaching.
Radar Pace is a virtual coach who supports athletes during every step of their running and cycling workouts, and can interpret various data in real time, providing personalized and actionable instruction and motivation.
With a hands-free conversation interface powered by Intel® Real Speech, Radar Pace helps athletes stay focused.

ces 2017GoPro showed the telemetry added features to its Hero5 Black cameras. The cameras may now have the user’s location, altitude, speed and G-force capture taxes, which can be added to the videos.
GoPro also showed her GoPro Plus cloud service that can automatically upload content from the Hero5 to the cloud.

And there was even more to see new and improved products at CES, but more on that later.

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