Routerijders, bloggers about bike trails, themed routes and node routes

routerijdersRouterijders, bloggers about bicycle routes.

Many people cycle bike trails, themed routes and node routes, and also like to share them with other people.
With photos and video material they offer a nice way to see what they encounter on there cycling trips.
How the quality of the cycling routes is, and what there is to see and eat and drink on these trips..

De Fietssite follows some of these bloggers, websites and twitter enthusiasts.

A blog that we mainly visit for the photo material is that of the Route Riders.

The blog is from Dirk and Carine and they are cycling themed routes and node routes. Of these routes, they make a description about their experience of these pathways. These can be found on their wordpress site

Very worthwhile to look at, and possibly even to bike a route that they have posted on their blog, to see it with your own eyes.