Spaac, City bike from The Hague

spaacSpaac, from crowd-fund campaign to production.

After a successful crowd-fund campaign, the electric city bike Spaac Motorized Bicycles is now available to everyone.
The aim was to design an electric bicycle which had to be simple and of straightforward design. Robust and strong for city traffic.
Jos Ramselaar and Jurrit Holland designed the ultimate electric city bike called Spaac. Intended for functional use in the city.
Both see the electric bike as the ideal solution for functional movement in the city, but find existing models unnecessarily complicated. Therefore, they developed one themself. “A bike that shines in its simplicity.”

City bike for the future.

Both designers found that many existing bicycles with pedal assistance where made especially for recreational use. And that many bicycles are put together with random components rather than being functionally coordinated.
Therefore, they went to work from the base concept and have kept the bike simple.
Unnecessary components such as buttons and display are omitted.
spaacThe Spaac has a mid-engine with a removable battery pack. The lighting is built into the frame so that it less likely to break.
By using the SRAM Automatix 2 speed the Spaac has no gear cables and controls needed, but you can still go smoothly with the traffic in the city.

All specifications

SPEED : 27 km/u
RANGE : 70 km

FRAME : Chroommolybdeen
MOTOR : Mid Drive | 36V | 250 W
BATTERY : Li-ion | 460 Wh
GEAR : Sram | Automatix 2 speed
BRAKES : Shimano | Rollerbrake BR-C6000
TIRES : Schwalbe | Big Ben | 50-622
SEAT : Brooks | B17

For more information : Spaac