Winglights. Indicate direction with your hands on the handlebars.

winglightsOfficially a cyclist has to show with his hands if he’s going left or right.
But how many people do that? Whether one is too lazy, do not want to, or you have too much luggage on a carrier which so the stability of the bike is at risk.
Indicate direction on a bike is not ideal and perhaps therefore often does not happen.
Yet there are tools on the market indicating the direction for cyclists makes it much easier.
Imagine that with a small purchase you can show better to other road users which direction you go.
Would you do that?
If the answer is yes, then you should check the WingLights.


Winglights are two direction indicators which can sit on the ends of your handlebar. First you attach them with two separate attachments that you put in your handlebar.
These maintain themselves by a rubber ring. The inserts then again hold the lights. The lights are provided with magnets that keeps them on the handlebars.
If you have parked your bike you can get easily detach them and go.
Whith the lights you get a keychain with a carabiner. Here the magnets also grab onto, so you can easily take them along with you. Additionally, you can for example, also connect the carabiner to your bag.

If you are cycling and want to indicate direction, press the button on the end of the indicator.
We ask ourselves whether or not it will cause a steering movement pressing the control.
And how the lights comply with a fall from the bike or rider.

If you are interested in Winglights.

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