At Ne9en Spring tour from cycling Toerclub Heikera.

Bicycle Toerclub Heikera from Heino, is organizing on Sunday, April 30 its traditional spring tour under the name “At Ne9en Spring Tour”.

The start and finish of this event is at the NTFU hall Ne9en at the Canadastraat 9 to Heino.

There is a choice of three distances: 40, 60 and 100 kilometers. All routes are plotted with arrows. Moreover, participants get the route on paper note

The registration of the 100 kilometers is between 8:00 and 12:00, the registration of 40 and 60 kilometers are between 9:00 and 12:00. Closing and final inspection: 16.30.


The 40-km route goes from Wijhe, Elshof, Raalte and Luttenberg back towards Heino.
Bikers of the 60km go from Luttenberg even further towards Marle and eventually through the Regge and Lemelerberg back towards Heino.

100 km leads through Wijhe, Boerhaar, Diepenveen, Deventer Lettele, Dijkerhoek, Holten on the Holterberg. After which the route will again is joined by Nijverdal, Hulsen and Marle with the route of 60 km and leads across the Lemelerberg.


The participation fee is 4 euros p.p., children t / m 12 free. NTFU members get a discount of 1 euro.
For more information, please contact the tour leader Ruben Heuven, v.d. Capellenweg 42, 8141 EH Heino. Tel. 06-35110377.

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