Battery pack winter!

Electric bikes are a special child in the bicycle industry, they need more attention than the rest of the bike.
Think of a display which could be damaged, a cable, but the most important (and most expensive) element has to be the battery pack.

Battery pack

It starts with recharging an electric bike. This seems simple, but there are a few things that you should take, you take to increase the life of your battery.
This will certainly help to have more fun with your electric bike, as in poor or misuse you will stand fast for a high payout because you faster than expected needs a new or reconditioned battery.
As with regular battery packs is the life of your battery pack in terms of charging cycles or charging cycles.
The most commonly used techniques are battery NIMH (outdated battery pack), Lithium Ion (Most common now) and the most promising technology is LiFePO4 (top segment battery packs).

That you should consider:

Batterij pakketMaybe we’ll tell you nothing new, but as you know or have batteries affected by the weather conditions that affect the performance of the battery and your bike.
Like range (how many kilometers can I drive on a battery), charging the battery and support.
This can already play for battery packs from 10 ° C lower and the performance of the electric bike can influence tremendously.

And now

Below we provide some tips, facts and important things you can do both in summer and especially now in the winter in order to best use your battery pack.
The tips that we give are generally of interest for most of the battery packs. But when in doubt always contact your dealer.

Tips, Tricks and key actions to achieve the longest possible life in this winter:

Tip 1 : Charge and store the battery pack in a heated environment (place the battery never on the heating this is very bad for the battery).
Tip 2 : Charge the battery never right after you’ve cycled, put the batteries in a heated room for an hour or two so that the battery has reached temperature and charge him beware.
Tip 3 : Make sure that the battery is not completely empty, the battery pack can cause serious damage and as a result, become unusable. With a Lithium Ion battery pack, he does not need to be drained to be recharged.
Tip 4 : A battery does not need constantly to the charger if the electric bicycle is not used for a while. However, it is advisable to every now and then to bring the battery pack again briefly voltage. You can do this every three or four weeks. Modern batteries run out quickly. Or go in the winter months around the block and insert the battery then back to tension.
Tip 5 : There are some battery packs to get jackets to protect your package against the cold and so to get more kilometers in the winter period.
Tip 6 : Keep the tire pressure of the bike an eye, you have soft tires than working against you and reduced the range of the electric bicycle.
Tip 7 : Keep in mind that a battery pack loses battery power each year. This is per year, approximately between 5 and 10%, that means so in the worst case that there are three years, with only 70% is in the battery.
This is a battery pack, for example, 14.5 Ah only about 10 Ah to five years only half. Keep in mind there.

Temperature limits of battery packs:

during charging


When using


Storage (50-80% load)


ION li-ion PMU4 0 tot +45 -15 tot +60 -10 tot +35
ION li-ion PMU3 -5 tot +50 -15 tot +50 -10 tot +35
ION Nimh -10 tot +45 -15 tot +55 -10 tot +35
Emotion 0 tot +45 -15 tot +45 -10 tot +35
Bosch 0 tot +40 -4 tot +40 -10 tot +50
Yamaha 0 tot +45 -20 tot +80 -10 tot +35
Remove 0 tot +45 -5 tot +45 -10 tot +35
TranzX 0 tot +45 -20 tot +60 5 tot +25
Shimano w.n.v.o.g w.n.v.o.g w.n.v.o.g

w.n.v.o.g = Wordt naar vraag over gedaan.

Charging at low temperatures takes more time than usual.


Charge the battery pack at room temperature. The battery pack will charge faster. is also higher than the starting temperature, which is favorable for the radius of action.

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