The Relo. Conversion kit for ordinary bike to E-bike.

reloThe Relo promises flexible mobility on two wheels. The electric drive can be built into all kinds of bicycles and removed in seconds.

Many bikers know the dilemma: you want to occasionally cycle with pedal assistance, but does not want to give up his beloved bike for a new e-bike. The Nuremberg startup Relo with its direct drive is the solution for this: With Relo you can convert a bike to an e-bike.
If the gear is once mounted on the crankshaft, you can attach or remove the motor and the battery in a matter of seconds.

reloThe whole is designed so that it is applicable to any desired bicycle, and to assemble without tools is.
Whether it’s a city bike or a mountain bike.

The operation is completely wireless using Bluetooth LE, a thumb operated switch on the steering wheel, and through a smartphone app.