Bicycle storage in danger.

Fietsersbond is perplexed about the intention of the government to scrap rules on the bicycle shed. These rules were reintroduced earlier, after it appeared that the market does not by itself going to build parking facilities in new construction projects. The main reason was the cost of storage. However, these storage facilities are, however, important for a pleasant streetscape and encourage cycling. Bicycle theft is one of the most common reasons why people do not cycle.

Within the environmental code will the government not just the bike to housing does not oblige, but she also states that municipalities do not have the opportunity to prescribe. This brings the choice whether or not to build a bike shed to lie with the developers. Past experience has shown that this was not a success and that there are no storage facilities were built especially in apartment complexes. The result of the expiry will be: less bicycle use and a greater share fietsbarrels because the bike at times when they are not in use should be stored outside.

The expiry of this requirement is not alone, it is part of the expiry of the requirements for use in homes, where a large coalition (including the Cyclists) previously protested against this week. Last week published a broad partnership, including the Ministry of Infrastructure & amp; Environment, an ambitious cycling calendar. In the last week talks presented Energy Agenda Minister Kamp about an intensification of bicycle parking in cities.

It is disappointing and unacceptable for the bicycle shed seems to disappear without any discussion. Director Saskia Clod of the Cyclists’ Your bike can safely store in your own home is a basic provision for any Dutchman The deletion of the storage room is an incomprehensible proposition Many cities complain about nuisance of bicycles parked on the street, which is by this measure.. only worse. We call on the House to restore standard requirement to the bicycle shed next Monday in the treatment. “