Even dogs love cycling.

Dogs love cycling. Or at least, they like to go along on the bike.

honden houden van fietsenDogs love cycling. The speed, the view, the scents.
You often see them on the back of the bicycle, dogs in a wicker basket.
Or, in front of the bike. That is also possible.
But this is only possible with a dog that is not too heavy, and certainly not too big.
Because if the dog is too heavy or too large, then its weight, is a problem with curves.

Fortunately, there are also bicycle carts on the market, especially for pets.
Handy trailers, which often are to transform into pushcars.
You can also keep your pet with you when you go in to a supermarket.

But how does a dog experience cycling with such a cart?
De Fietssite was very curious and went off.

This is Joey. A three year old Boomer, she really likes to go cycling.
Once the trailer is behind the bicycle, she jumps already in there.
And whether it is a short or a long distance.
Joey think it’s great.