Sports and nutrition.

sport en voedingSport and nutrition go together naturally. Who sports, watching his diet. To lose weight, to get stronger, and to get more stamina and strength.
But when should you eat and drink? Before exercise, during, and after.
To perform optimally during training or competition, there are some guidelines.

Before the sports and nutrition.

It is advisable before a training or competition to eat 2 to 3 hours prior the exersize , with plenty of drinking (half a liter), to have enough energy for the effort.
Don’t eat large amounts right before a workout or competition. Digesting food requires a lot of energy from your body.
And if you sport at the same time your muscles will ask too much oxygen and then there is a conflict.
This can even lead to stomach upset.Also choose before the effort not for a meal high in fat, protein or dietary fiber.
Your body is taking too long to process this.
Also quite spicy food, products such as leeks and onions, and coffee can provide during exercise problems.

You can just before exercise still eat. Think of :

  • A much smaller portion of your normal meal.
  • A (whole wheat) bread with margarine and peanut butter or hazelnut paste (preferably 100% nuts without additives)
  • A cracker (whole wheat) with margarine and cheese (30+) or goat cheese.
  • Yogurt (possibly with some pieces of fruit.)
  • Vegetables. (Carrot, cucumber)

sport en voeding 2Do not sport on an empty stomach.
In order to sport you need energy, and you really do not get a better fat burning.
You will find that your achievements go far down. And if your glucose level is way too low, you even risk of passing out.

Take enough fluids. You’re going to sweat. And it is therefore very important to, during and after the effort to drink sufficient.

During the sports and nutrition.

During a long-term effort, it is still recommended to eat. It can sometimes be difficult, reduce some of your time performance, but very important.
For sports longer than an hour, your body really needs the energy.
There are plenty of bars and gels on the market that can quickly provide energy.
Also special sports drinks can help you bring your energy levels up to normal.
Do not think you get enough fluids with sports drinks. Water is still the best, and it is rapidly absorbed by the body to replenish the reserves.
Do you get thirty quick while playing sports, you’ve actually been drinking too little before you went to sport.

After the sports and nutrition.

Eat normal after heavy exertion. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or evening meal.
Do not go overeating. It is not necessary. A typical meal provides enough for your body.
Also here is the rule, drink enough. If you are perspiring heavily than your body again need a lot of moisture.

There are plenty of books on the market that can give you more insight on sports and nutrition.

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