Strongher seeks with students TU Delft and VU University Amsterdam fastest woman in the world.

human power teamStrongher, a cycling initiative of Marianne Vos, Marijn de Vries, Ellen van Dijk and many other ambassadors of the women’s cycling, going with a student team from TU Delft and VU University Amsterdam in search of the fastest woman in the Netherlands. The ultimate goal is to break the women’s speed record of 122 km / h cycling in September 2017 on a high-tech bike in the Nevada desert. TU Delft and VU University Amsterdam Strongher urge all sportswomen, from amateur to professional, to sign in ..

Women’s Record
Where students have achieved a speed of 125 km / h with Jan Bos this year, the team is next year’s world speed record for women. “The Netherlands is really a cycling country, sportswomen at international level belong to the top, therefore we want the challenge with a female rider,” says Emiel de Boer, team manager of the Human Power Team Delft and Amsterdam. In technique, this year will also change a few things. The new design is tailored to the female cyclist. In September, the new rider has to pedal faster than 122 km / h to break the current world record.

Marit Huismanproject manager Strongher: “It’s nice to see that the future generation of engineers and sports scientists have heart for the promotion of women’s cycling. That’s why we like to help them to find the best candidate. Strongher was established to provide a platform for women around the world to show themselves, now with the Human Power Team we can find the fastest woman in the world that fits perfectly in with this. ” “We are thrilled that we may use the large network of female cyclists of Strongher to find our athlete for the world record attempt in September,” said De Boer.

Unique collaboration between universities
Not only design and build the students the complete cycle at TU Delft, but they select and train the athlete in the University of Amsterdam. With this combination of disciplines they want to get the best out of people and technology in order to put the record in Dutch name. The selection will take place this month, which all female athletes, from amateur to professional, can sign up on the website the Human Power Team </ strong>. To choose the best athlete an ability test will be conducted among the candidates through a simulation of the record.

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Projectmanager Strongher: Marit Huisman, +31 (0)16 2387387,

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