The smart bike is coming.

The smart bike, digitization is coming.

The bicycle consists mainly of metal, rubber and plastic, and has no outlet.
At first glance a bike does not seem suitable for digitization.
And yet, almost everything comes online, the bike can not stay behind.

Cars, tractors, trucks, refrigerators and entire homes are now connected to the Internet. Except for the bicycle.
But this will change considerably in the coming years. The first, often expensive segment, smart bikes are already on the market.
And in the coming years, this will be extended increasingly to the bikes that are more in the middle segment in terms of price.

The Connected Bicycle.

There already working on systems for the bike to get it online.
And the years ahead that only will be more and more.
Think of navigation for on the bicycle, and sensor-controlled brakes.
Digital theft security by means of a GPS chip so that the bike is always to be found.
Known bicycles, which have this already, for example can be found on bikes from VanMoof.
And what about reports of your bike that it is time for service or update to the pedal support software.

Sporting data.

The sporting cyclist can enjoy with digitization.
Fitness Trackers, Speed, Cadence, everything can be measured and transmitted to the smart watch and phone.

The bicycle of the future.

And so the smart bicycles of tomorrow, are becoming increasingly digital.
Smart lighting, extensive information on tire pressure, which is now found in the car industry in the coming years will always appear more on bicycles.

The Fietssite is looking forward now already, cycling is just more fun.