UCI Indoors ball Cycling WK Stuttgart Duitsland

The best bike football moments at the 2016 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany
An increasingly popular sport is the cycle ball (bike football). We do not know whether this is done in the Netherlands, but would like to come here to know more when that happens.

The sport is played by two teams, each with 2 players, there is a trailer and a field player, the game length 2 x 7 minutes and is played in a field of 14 x 11 meters on each side a Goal 2 x 2 meters. will be played with a regular ball of 550 grams stuffed with horsehair. The bike are unique, they have a special steering wheel but no braking or acceleration.

The sport is intense and fast sport and you should do so well being in condition to do with this.

Here a few videos to give you an impression.