Vacation. Get on your bike.

Vakantie op de fietsWith your bike on vacation?

Why not.
We use our bikes to go to work. To get some groceries.
And of course for recreation.





Vakantie op de fietsDe fietssite met three people that where on vacation in our beautiful Drenthe. Two recumbent bicycles and a luggage van for the tent. And a child bike at the rear of a Hase tricycle.
And in the luggage van a carrier for the cat.
Because the cat has to go on vacation also.





Vakantie op de fiets“Its nice. Slow moving through the country.
You see a lot more. You get in an adventure of a live time.
And you can sleep good after a day of cycling.
It is good for your health, and it saves you a lot of money.”

De Fietssite wishes everyone a good holiday.