With E-bike, an accident is often more serious.

When using an E-bike, an accident is often more serious.

The risk of multiple injuries is twice as high, and there is a greater chance of skull injury and a longer hospitalization.
A study of a group of doctors from Groningen among about 500 patients has proved this.
The study is published in the Dutch Journal of Medicine.
The doctors argue for the use of a helmet, because almost half of all e-bikers involved in an accident incur serious skull-brain injury.
And a helmet could reduce this risk considerably.
At the moment, only high-speed e-bikers are obliged to carry a helmet (E-bikes capable of 45 km per hour).
But this is a small part of all electric bikes, because nearly 270 thousand e-bikes were sold last year.
Every year 70 thousand cyclists get their first aid after an accident.

This was a first study in which the injuries were compared to ordinary cyclists versus E-bikers.

In recent years, the number of serious wounded cyclists has increased significantly. This is evidenced by the figures of the Institute for Scientific Research on Road Safety.
Every year, 70,000 cyclists get their first aid after an accident.
Scary enough to die 200 of it.

Remarkably, the injured e-bikers did not die anymore

The University Medical Center Groningen has maintained all patient data that has been treated after a bicycle accident over the past three years.
During the investigation, 92 comparable cyclists and 92 e-bikers were able to make accurate comparisons.
It turned out that e-bikers suffered 20 percent serious injury compared to 10 percent of ordinary bikers.

The research focused purely on injury, not the causes of the accidents.
This also makes it unclear what can be done about prevention.
Therefore, the most common causes of an accident are currently being considered so that measures can be taken here.
This includes infrastructural adaptations and possible courses for hazard identification.