Dutch cycling champion trying to attack women’s speed record: 122 km/u

vrouwensnelheidsrecordIris Slappendel, Dutch champion on the road in 2014, will try to attack in September with Aniek Rooderkerken, the women’s speed record in the Nevada desert. This world record currently stands at 122 km / h. This was announced by the Human Power Team TU Delft and VU University Amsterdam on social media.

strong couple
Slappendel and Rooderkerken were selected from a pool of 35 candidates. That happened among other things, by intensive simulations of the record attempt at the VU University Amsterdam. Rooderkerken: “It’s still unreal. Certainly with Iris Slappendel, quite the name! “</ Em> Slappendel stopped earlier this year as a professional cyclist and sees this project as a challenge for 2017.

High-tech aerodynamic recumbent
vrouwensnelheidsrecordIn 2013 broke the Human Power Team already record with the men, 133.78 km / h. This speed is achieved with a high-tech aerodynamic recumbent, developed by students of the university. Currently, they focus on the women’s record, team manager Emiel de Boer: “The Netherlands is a real bike country where women at the international level are among the top. We also want to show it to the rest of the world in September. “</ Em> For the riders are facing a challenging this year. First, they must learn to ride in a recumbents. “ The riders must be able not only to pedal hard, even their technique has to be perfect. We will work hard in the coming year “</ em> says student Kinesiology Iris Siemon.

World Human Powered Speed Challenge
In September travels the team to the Nevada desert (USA), where each year teams from all over the world gather for the World Human Powered Speed Challenge. Here can accelerate man and machine on an eight kilometer long straight surface, after which the final rate is measured over a 200 meter long section control. The current women’s record since 2010 with 121.81 km / h is in the hands of the French Barbara Buatois.