Fence as bicycle rack.

fietsenrekOn the Lucas Bolwerk in Utrecht is ‘the Puls’ in use. The design won a prize in a design competition around the start of the Tour de France in 2015. It functions as a gate and bike rack.

Councillor Lot van Hooijdonk was the first to place her bike in the new rack ‘The Pulse’. Special on the pulse is that it functions simultaneously as a fence along the Zocherspark.

Last autumn, are from several options chosen two designs. These are tested on the spot and everyone could express their preference. The choice fell on this bicycle rack ‘The Pulse’.

The Pulse is available in two types, the fence and the bike rack. The Pulse is a fence around the Zocherspark on the Lucasbolwerk; designed as bicycle rack at some parts. The rack does not offer any possibilities of securing the bicycle frame. This is a conscious choice to encourage short-term parking.

The Pulse delivers 100 additional parking spaces. All bike racks that were there previously are removed. The bike racks for the houses on the Lucasbolwerk are replaced by bicycle parking spaces. Here is also place for tricycles.