High Speed E-bike to moped.

Due to the change in Dutch legislation changed the high speed E-bike standard to moped standard.
From January 1, 2017 must the blue badge be replaced by a yellow license plate.
The Dutch government requires the drivers of speed pedelecs, also known as S-EPAC’s, to wear a helmet that meets the NTA 8776 standard, the e-bike is insured and more obligations.
You will find on this page the most frequently asked questions and what to do.

Do I have a high-speed E-bike (speed pedelec)?

A High speed E-bike (speed pedelec) is a bicycle equipped with an auxiliary electric motor that supports the rider while pedaling up to a speed of 45 km / h.
According to the new European Regulation on the approval and market surveillance of two- or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles (no. 168/2013) falls this High speed e-bike in the same category as a moped and must carry a yellow license plate.

What should I do for the yellow number plate?

If it’s good nothing ? If your high-speed e-bike is registered with a blue moped license plate at the RDW, you will get a yellow moped license plate and vehicle registration card of the RDW in the spring of 2017.
You will receive first a letter from the RDW between January 1 and February 1, 2017. Here you will be informed about the new rules and how swapping the blue moped license plate to the yellow moped license plate with vehicle registration card.

When the yellow number plate should be placed?

If you received the license plate, you should as soon as possible place it on your High speed e-bike.
You must to do this and the plate should be good visible at the back of your bike.
If you do not then you can expect a fine of € 90.- per violation.
The final expiration date to do so is 30 June 2017.

What to do if you did not receive a license plate?

Didn’t you recieve information from the RDW prior to March 1, 2017, but you do have a speed pedelec with blue moped license plate or without?
Then you should contact the Customer Contact Centre of the RDW.

If your speed pedelec is not registered (so there is no license plate and card for your speed pedelec) then you will not get a letter from the RDW. You must then contact the Customer Contact Centre of RDW yourself (telephone: 0900 0739, 10 cents per minute).

You are solely responsible for ensuring that you have a yellow moped license plate before July 1, 2017.

Are there any fees?

Swapping the plate is free, so if we have understood, for the High speed E-bike that is registered. The High speed E-bike that has has no license plate, must be inspected at the RDW and this would bring costs but we do not yet know what it will cost.

Is a driving license required?

A simple answer we can give here, YES. You need at least a driving license AM.
You ride as of 1 January 2017 a Moped and is since then under the Moped law, you need a moped license to drive a moped, scooter, speed pedelec, moped or microcars.
Do you have a car driving license (category B) or motorcycle license (category A)?
You will automatically be credited to the moped license (license AM) on your license. please keep in mind that if you drive without a license on a high-speed e-bike that you are in violation of the law and that a penalty of € 360.- minimum per violation is on.

Should I insure the High speed E-bike?

Yes, The High speed e-bike (speed pedelec) falls under the rules of the moped and here you need (WA) insurance for civil liability. This is certainly required in the new regulations of the High speed e-bike.
Do not have insurance for your e-bike, then you are in violation of the law and there is a penalty of € 360.- on.

Should I wear a helmet?

For the new legislation is indeed a helmet obligation to apply with an approved speed pedelec helmet (standard NTA 8776: 2016) or wear with an approved moped helmet (ECE 22:05).
We have written a separate article about the helmet with the approved standard.
You can click through to the page below this article.

Where can I drive?

As the driver of a High speed E-bike you should also adhere to the rules for mopeds. You may:

  • 45 kilometers per hour on the road,
  • 30 kilometers per hour on the moped path within the urban area
  • 40 kilometers per hour on the moped path outside urban areas.
  • you are not allowed on a bike path thats forbidden for mopeds, this is not allowed.


Our advise?

Actually quite simple. Control top standing business accounted for 1 July 2017 you will enjoy without problems of your old or perhaps new high-speed E-bike (speed pedelec)? Lots of driving fun!