The Bicycle in the election.

D66 and GroenLinks have in their election the most attention for cyclists. This is evident from a comparison program of the Fietsersbond. The two sides highlight the key benefits of cycling for better accessibility, quality of life and health, and be clear about the necessary measures.

The Christian Unie, the Partij van de Arbeid and the Partij voor de Dieren scored above average in the program comparison of the Fietsersbond. Their programs cite several advantages of the bike and measures to strengthen the position.

More attention.

The now traditional program comparison shows that the Dutch political parties are now having increased attention to the bicycle. Director Saskia Mound from the Fietsersbond is satisfied about this. “The bike is mentioned in almost all programs, from left to right.
That is a very good development. Now it is time that the parties hold this attention and execute them. ”

For a more detailed report on this: the Fietsersbond (Dutch)