Tricycles. Bikes with extra.

driewielersTricycles, bikes for people who need extra support.

Cycling, there is nothing better for the body. Especially when you have a illness, disability or old age and it is already not so easy to go outside.
But an ordinary bicycle, with or without power assistance, it is not always enough to be able to go outside.
Fortunately, there are therefor bikes with three or even four wheels.

In a previous post we have already written about the bikes from van Raam.
But there are more support bicycle manufacturers. The Fietssite is always curious wich manufacturers there are.


A great brand of tricycles and four-wheeled bicycles is Pfau-tec. Bikes that are designed and built in Germany.
For young and old.
PFAU-Tec provides the right answer to almost every need for movement on the bike.
As a designer and developer arise so future-oriented innovations in a convincing price-performance ratio.

The possibilities.

The range is large, and while there are all kinds of options and customizations, making sure everyone has a bike that meets all the requirements and necessities.
And the quality is excellent. The frames have a durable powder coating, usually aluminum rims (so no rust), LED lighting and easy operation.
And most bikes have a parking brake, so that the bicycle when mounting and dismounting can not just drive off.


Now is often thought to custom bikes that the price is much higher than a normal bicycle. But that time has been long overdue.
The price of standard tricycles is already almost equal to the price of a decent standard bike.
They are already available from € 1400, – Of course, a big price, but the pleasure of cycling again is worth much more.
Again to do shopping, visiting someone else or going in to nature is in our opinion the ultimate reward.


In the Netherlands there is the possibility to buy a custom bike through a PGB (personal budget) with a (partial) reimbursement through the WMO. Here are usually strict rules imposed on, so the municipality has utmost confidence that the right product is used properly and maintained.
In this way it is possible for the poor to get a custom bicycle.
For more information about PGB and WMO every municipality has a counter where you can ask questions.


Bicycles of Pfau-tec are, among others, offered by Senzup. A family company specializing in support products established in Barendrecht.
If you have questions about the tricycles, customization and support from the PGB and procurement, it is worthwhile to visit the website of Senzup.
On the site you will find information about the different types that they can offer.

For all models of Pfau-tec please visit the website of the producer:
De site is gedeeltelijk in het Nederlands, en verder in het Duits.


Thanks for the information on these bikes and graphics to Senzup